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Fine art inspires fine chocolate. Botticelli’s chocolate masterpieces are meticulously crafted, aspiring to the same classical perfection as those of the famous artist. Our chocolatiers’ works of art are created using traditional methods and only the purest ingredients. Proven technology, age-old expertise and the strictest standards are our palette. Botticelli can guarantee sumptuous satisfaction in each and every bite.
Botticelli. The Art of Chocolate. (For larger view of product below click each image)

Botticelli Masterpieces Milk Masterpieces - Milk
Botticelli Masterpieces Dark Masterpieces - Dark
Botticelli HedgehogsHedgehogs
Botticelli Mini HedgehogsMini Hedgehogs
Botticelli SeashellsSeashells
Botticelli Hedgehogs TinHedgehogs -Tin
Botticelli Seashells TinSeashells -Tin
Botticelli Dessert Cups DarkDessert Cups - Dark
Botticelli Dessert Cups White Dessert Cups - White
Botticelli Dessert Cups Mini Dessert Cups - Mini
Botticelli Liqueur CupsLiqueur Cups - Dark
Botticelli Dark Hearts ValentinesValentine-Dark
Botticelli Dark Hearts Valentines-MilkValentine-Milk
Botticelli milk-dark Valentines-AmoreValentine-Amore
Botticelli Milk Truffle HeartsMilk Truffle Hearts

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